Holly Springs and the surrounding towns to its east continue to wait to hear which route the final section of 540 will take. The final decision will impact homes, businesses and residents in many areas in and around Holly Springs. The original route designated the "orange" route would impact the fewest residents as it was thought by many builders and town planners to be the only route and they have for years stayed clear of developing on most of the property. A newsletter was just released from NCDOT about the 540 route alternatives. Bad news is that all the routes are still up for consideration...good news according to the NCDOT newsletter #4 is "Based on the feedback from citizens, local governments, and state and federal agencies, NCDOT is moving forward to complete the detailed study as quickly as possible, and will include all of the comments in any final decision making process."

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Click here to see the latest alternatives map (dated December 2013)