It's Official - It's been a lot of hard work, but Grow Local realty is officially open for business!

We are extremely excited to begin helping our friends and neighbors...and our future friends and neighbors with thier real estate needs. We are committed to providing incredible customer service that will be second to none. I am absolutely thrilled about the amazing team of agents who have decided to join me in this great adventure to Grow Local!

So what about the name....Why Grow Local? Many Real Estate Companies include local cities or towns in their names, or use their own personal name as the business name or even incorporate a big franchise name. I wanted to use a name that echoed the culture we are trying to create internally within our organization and at the same time reflect what we are assisting our buyers do by helping them find their next home and finally while some of our seller clients may be moving out of the area, our goal is to find a great buyer who is looking to Grow Local. 

I am sure a lot of you quickly thought to yourself (or said out loud) Grow Local? mean like "locally grown" produce.....Corn maybe!. I would say that while we don't have a stand at the local farmers market (the farmers market is awesome by the way), we are 100% fine with anyone who would equate our name with such a place. Like the local farmer, selling local produce, we are a local firm with local agents, selling local properties. Sure you could go to the big named grocery store to buy your produce, but there is something to be said about supporting that local farmer who is simply looking to Grow Local!